Flower Cupcake Arrangements ~ Simple, Elegant Table Decor

I took a break from the cake orders coming in and decided to do some cake decorating of another variety today.

The result? A Flower Cupcake Arrangement! No they can’t be eaten although they are so sweet you will want to!


These little poseys are perfect for an afternoon tea party, or even as table decorations at your next family gathering.

Place a half dozen scattered along the center of the table or at each place setting.

They add a touch of elegance and whimsy to any dinner. Best of all they double as a sweet take home memento  for your guests.

I love them because, unlike typical flower bouquets at the dinner table, they don’t take up very much room, and they don’t get in the way of seeing your dinner guests!

With the holiday season right around the corner wouldn’t this be the sweetest addition to your table decor this Thanksgiving or Christmas?

If you don’t have the time to whip up a few for your table I am taking orders for Thanksgiving in the next couple weeks. Email me at astrid (at) delightofdesign.com and we can arrange for the perfect poseys for your table!

Flower Cupcake Pricing:

$ 4.95 CAD each

$24.95 CAD for half a dozen (6 cupcakes)

Minimum 10 flowers in each cupcake.

Contest alert:

I will be giving away two custom Flower Cupcakes to a lucky reader. To enter make sure you:

  1. “Like” the Facebook page for Delight of Design. Click here to go to the page:  Delight of Design Facebook Page
  2. Leave a comment on this post with your favourite flowers and colour combinations!
I will get Mr. T. to do a random draw on Monday Oct 3, 2011. 
Sorry,contest limited to readers in the Greater Vancouver Area. Don’t worry there are some contests coming to include our international readers soon!

Fall Decorating Ideas ~ An Autumn Vignette

Well, Autumn has officially descended on us here on the “Wet Coast“! Although our area is officially known as the Lower Mainland, some of us locals often refer to it as the “Lower RAINland“.

With todays decidedly dreadful deluge, we hunkered down for the day and while Mr. T. played on the computer and watched TV, I took to prettifying the house with some fall decorating ideas and embraced this season of Rain… er…Fall!

We have the most wonderful mantel that would make for the most perfect focal point in our living room and I have dreams of decorating it with fabulous rotating decor every season.  I’m sure I would be switching it up at least every 8 week.

Alas, much to my dismay, we have the largest TV known to mankind sitting atop what could be a blank canvas for my decorating cravings. Oh the things you inherit when you get married!  I dream about the day when I can relegate the TV to a basement man-cave and go to town with my design ideas.



For now though I have been given a *small* corner of the mantel as my decor space and was advised: “Decorating is not allowed to interfere with daily life”, i.e. in no way are any decorations allowed to impede the TV watching. For example, when decorating for Christmas last year I had to ensure that no stray garland branches stuck up in weird ways so as to cross into the picture! I must say I do have the decorating green light in all other areas of the house so I can’t complain too much!

So today I created a little vignette with a couple bunches of fall inspired flowers, gathered some candles for warmth and voila! Creating a little space in your home that allows the eyes to pause and savour the moment is what it’s all about.

Changing your decor pieces around every once in awhile can give your space a little pick me up that doesn’t have to cost a lot. Using pieces from around the house in different combinations can give the feeling of a whole new look. It’s rather exciting!

Must say it feels rather cozy in here now and with that I say: Let it pour outside!

Stay dry friends!

Celebrating Fall ~ Pumpkin Spice Lattes on a budget

I’m sure by now all you avid Starbucks fans have noticed the seasonal menu additions at your local haunt. Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon Dolce Lattes have arrived.
For all you die hard fans that need to feel the atmosphere, be seduced by the soft jazz in the background, shell out close to $5.00 for your indulgence and walk out with a pretty green and white cup – read no further! Consider this your advisement that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are here!

For the rest of us who would like a little special coffee time without tipping our wallets upside down on the counter, never mind the 380 calories, do read on!

I’m always a little weary when I do indulge and they are “handcrafting” my drink using a pump bottle with some nondescript syrup, loaded with artificial flavouring and sweetners, all made to taste like pumpkin spice. So I decided to go on the hunt for a healthier alternative.

Here is a simple, easy and delicious recipe that combines some common spice rack ingredients for you to truly “handcraft” your own beverage at home!

Now I know that no matter where you are having a latte it may not be the healthiest choice, but this recipe is at least all natural, flavourful ingredients that you can feel good about enjoying this afternoon!

As far as taste goes, the syrup is incredible. It tastes like fall in a mug. Feel free to adjust the spices to your taste, I know I often do on these types of recipes! Be sure to come back and let me know how you enjoyed it! Either way you make it will be delicious, and you may even kick your Starbucks habit.



Pumpkin Spice Syrup
1 1/2 cups water
1 1/2 cups sugar
4 cinnamon sticks or 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
3 tablespoons pumpkin purée


Combine water and sugar in a medium pot over medium heat. Cook until sugar has completely dissolved. Whisk in remaining ingredients. Cook for about 6 minutes, stirring frequently. Do not allow mixture to come to a boil. Strain syrup through cheesecloth into a large glass measuring cup. Transfer to bottle of your choice and store in the refrigerator.

To make a pumpkin spice latte, simply add about 1 1/2 tablespoons of syrup for each shot of espresso. For an iced latte, stir together syrup and espresso before adding desired amount of cold milk. For a hot latte, add frothed milk and stir to combine. Top with whipped cream, if desired.

Pretty Blue Boxes ~ Tiffany Gift Box Cake

What girl doesn’t go weak at the knees when she opens a gift bag to reveal a lovely gift box with satin ribbon bows and swags of tissue paper? All the better when said box is a signature robins egg blue!

Ahh..the coveted Tiffany blue box. With all her mystery she holds treasures that will forever be held dear.

The best part is no matter what age, the mere sight of a Tiffany Box can command these                                                                  emotions in all of us.

Selecting a gift at Tiffany’s comes with alot of thought and care, making sure it’s just the right piece for your loved one. Similarly this cake had to be just right. A very special lady, Gramma Sharon is much loved by all! Her family wanted her 70th birthday to be memorable and celebrate in style.

I had so much fun with this cake! From getting the colour just right, to creating a string of elegant pearls cascading out of the box it all came together to tell the exciting story of opening a coveted blue box!

The best part was Gramma Sharon got to open a real Tiffany box on her special day surrounded by her adoring family! No doubt she had that stirring of excitement as she undid the bow to reveal the treasure that lay within!

Tiramisu Wedding Cake

Well, Saturday afternoon turned out to be a bit busier than expected!

After a lovely day out I walked through the door at 4:00pm, when I got a call for a last minute cake order from The Chapels for a wedding that was the next day at 10:00am!

Apparently the groom was holding out to the last minute to see how many guests they would end up having and then ordered a three tier Tiramisu wedding cake the day before his nuptials! A mere 18 hours prior to the ceremony starting! Well, this news sent me into super cake baker mode, and as soon as I had come in  I was on my way out again!

The client sent along a picture for inspiration, and I went to work. Mr. T. had to be wrangled for some manual labour and was relegated to cutting out the delicate white flowers; a job that he at first insisted was not a task he was qualified for; and I must say they turned out quite splendidly! I would even venture to say, I may have myself a top class Chief Flower Maker on my hands (his self appointed title!).

This cake truly was a challenge as the extremely soft Tiramisu does not lend itself to supporting fondant icing, let alone three tiers of it! Never mind the fact that fondant does not like to be refrigerated and yet the possibility of leaving the deliciously decadent marscapone /whipped cream creation out overnight was not an option.

I’m happy to report that the fondant fared okay in the fridge, although I will try and avoid this in the future. That being said hopefully we won’t be working with the same sort of time shortage!

All in all it came together wonderfully, and most importantly the client was thrilled with the end result!

Wedding day in review

This past weekend Mr. T and I celebrated a year of married bliss. I cannot believe that a year has flown past since we tied the knot. So to mark the occasion I thought I would a quick wedding day in review.

I planned our entire wedding, with one or two ideas from Mr. T (his input was something to the effect of “any colour except sea foam green” and “let’s make sure we have great food”!)

The ceremony and reception took place at Minter Gardens, which made for a seamless transition for guests, without the need to travel between venues. They only needed to scurry for cover during the freak torrential downpour as they made their way through the gardens back to the conservatory!

The food was amazing, and the service was great. A stunning venue with meticulously cared for gardens, I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Always the planner, never the bride, this was my time to pull out all the stops. However, there’s this nasty thing called a budget which squashes a girls dreams of decadent-overflowing-only in the movies-flower arrangements.  So instead I came up with these elegant centerpieces. 

I placed a few of the tall centerpieces on the outside tables, and the shorter ones in the middle of the room. I am not a fan of attending weddings where the centerpiece gets in the way of the action.

Being the budget conscious bride I was ever mindful of the rising bottom line this event was costing and when it came to the cake I couldn’t fathom spending close to a month’s mortgage payment on some desert! A great friend stepped  in and created THE most delicious Brazilian Chocolate fudge creation , which by the way was still amazing a year later as we enjoyed the top tier last weekend!

I decorated the four tier creation along with my mom. I know, it’s crazy, the bride decorating her own wedding cake 3 days prior to the day!

I’ve always known that my mom would make my wedding dress and when Mr. T. proposed exactly 100 days prior, I knew she had her work cut out for her! Regular bridal stores scoff at brides who come in with less than 6 months to go, and here we were endeavoring to create a one of a kind gown in 100 days, never mind the fact my mother lives in another province!

It truly became a family affair finishing this dress with my mother as head designer, my granny (flown in from South Africa) as the assistant, and my dad the night before affixing Swarovski crystals to the bodice – he was thrilled he got to use some tools!

Well the dress was nothing less than spectacular, it was exactly as I had dreamed it would be. I felt like a princess. It fit me perfectly and knowing that each and every stitch (there was 37 hrs of embroidery on the dress) was lovingly done especially for me makes it priceless.

The day would not have been forever captured as perfectly if it was not for my wonderful friend Anastasia Chomlack and her husband Chad. All these fabulous pictures are her amazing handiwork and I’m forever grateful to her for capturing our day. Together they capture the essence of every wedding they shoot and truly have a gift of story telling through their art.

Here’s to the our first year! 80 more to go!

Welcome to Delight of Design

Welcome, thanks for stopping by!

For years I have explored various creative outlets, and have often wondered how to marry all that I do into one creative venture. And so Delight of Design has come to be!

This is my space to share all that is creative in my life.  From creative cakes to handmade jewellery, One of a kind wedding and event decor to crafty DIY projects. Of course I’ll share some yummy recipes along the way and life moments that will make you laugh.

A few recent design creations. Clockwise from top Left: Princess and the Frog Birthday Cake, Handmade charm Bracelet, Baby shower cakes, Wedding decor for a recent wedding.

Exploring creative design is in my blood and I’m happiest when I’m designing, creating and generally figuring out how to make stuff look good!  I try my hand at most things with a good dose of passion and a dollop of enthusiasm.

I’m looking forward to sharing my creative adventure and having you along for the ride here at Delight of Design!