Bold and Bright for a Big Birthday

A few weeks ago I ran into a past student of mine and while catching up she asked for some info on One More Slice Cake Designs. A couple days later she was emailing me looking for a crazy 50th birthday cake for her mom, Karen.

She wanted neon orange, accented with purple. “As bright as you can get it” is what she said to me! Also, her mom LOVES polka dots and stripes. So I grabbed a few inspirational pictures and sent them over. Now this colour combo just so happens to be one of the hottest colour combo’s in the wedding world right now so there were some really great ideas out there like these:

Well, she came back to me and said her mom likes things wild and crazy, so don’t worry about have things so uniform and even. She gave me creative freedom and I went to town decorating.

This is what we came up with!

Isn’t it just so fun? I love the combo of Polka dots and stripes!

It was a french vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream icing. I coloured the butter cream orange for the bottom tier and purple for the top tier for an added surprise when they cut the cake!

I hope you had a fabulous day Karen, here’s to another 50!

A heads up for next week: I have a huge Christmas project to share with you next week! Stay tuned!


Decorating for Christmas ~ A modern twist to Traditional

Last week I promised to share the results of the Christmas decorating I was doing at Coastal Church. Decorating for Christmas always gets me excited for the festive season. I love it all: the lights, the trees, the snowy walks, hot apple cider, singing carols. So fun.

As I mentioned, this year we are pulling on the richness of the traditional Red, Gold and Green colours of Christmas, but wanted to have a modern up to date approach to the design.

Red, Gold and Green can be so over done and become tiresome so I really wanted a fresh approach that would be unexpected. These bold stars were just the trick.

The simple line of poinsettias with garland and lights deliver a wow. I love how easily they say “It’s Christmas time!”.

A grouping of glass vases and candles on each end creates a homey warm glow that adds to the atmosphere.

The garlands were over stuffed with Sinamay – the red and gold netting in the garland. A decorators ulitimate friend!! If you have never used this stuff – you should! Don’t be afraid to try it, it’s easy to use and gives amazing results without that much fussing. FYI – If you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t like designs that require a lot of fussing to make them look good! I’m all about high impact with quick and simple ideas!

Here’s a quick run down of how easy Sinamay is to use:

  • Starting on one end of your garland (or fake tree) take the and of the roll of Sinamay and bunch it together.
  • Grab an unsuspecting branch and wrap it around the end of the Sinamay.
  • Gather the Sinamay about 10 inches from the last branch, and grab another branch tucking the Sinamay under the branch.
  • Now fluff out the “bow” in between you have just created.
  • Continue winding the netting all through your tree and garland, fluffing out the netting to create a full extravagant garland.

The ornaments for the garlands were all old ornaments that had been slated for the rubbish pile as all the little tops had come off.

Well, that didn’t preclude them from having a part to play in the design. I whipped out the glue gun, cut a few pieces (ok more than a few) of floral wire and glue gunned some wire around their tops – good as new! Plus I didn’t have to buy any more decorations! Re-using at it’s best!

Overall the sanctuary has a simple fresh take on Red, Gold and Green this Christmas.

I would love to hear about your decorating ideas this Christmas. Are you using every piece of garland to deck the halls? Or are you taking a more modern less is more approach to the holiday decorating this year? As for our own house decorations…they have yet to be tackled due to the busyness of all that is going on!

Enjoy this season friends, and in amongst all the busyness of decorating and gifting let’s remember Jesus is the reason for this awesome time of year!

Happy decorating!


Red Velvet Cupcakes ~ Wedding Day is Here!

Last week I shared the trial run of the Red Velvet Cupcakes taste test with you, which went off with great success.

Well, Thursday and Friday turned into wedding baking central around here as I prepped for the wedding cake order that called for said Red Velvet. It was all hands on deck as the cupcake toppers were prepped before hand.

The fondant toppers received a light dusting of pearl luster dust, a small red flower and a simple scroll of red icing.

Saturday morning arrived and the batches of batter kept coming as we baked the 130+ cupcakes. I can now make the recipe in my sleep!


The brides colours were red and gold. Simple and elegant. She wanted a small topper cake for them to cut and cupcakes for the guests to enjoy. The 6 inch topper cake was given generous amounts of decadent cream cheese icing and then covered with a blanket of rolled buttercream flavoured fondant. Then a dusting of pearl luster dust and topped with hand made gum paste flowers. Gold and red ribbon to finished the look.

The result was well received by the bride and groom, and the guests loved it!

Here’s to many years of wedded bliss C+G!


Christmas Decorating on a Grand scale

So I must apologize for my lack of posts lately, I have been feverishly working away on some pretty huge Christmas projects, all of which I’m excited to share with you in the coming weeks. Today I’ll give you a sneak peak into one of the projects that is keeping me busy.

For the second year in a row I have the honour of leading the Christmas decorating for our church’s sanctuary. Our church calls this beautiful heritage building home.

Situated right in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the sanctuary is home to one of a very few of Vancouver’s pipe organs. It’s a very impressive instrument and the latice work that houses it forms the backdrop for the stage. To say that the space is huge is an understatement.

To give the church a more modern look we have been rotating decor looks with the seasons.The ceilings are over 20 feet tall and decorating this VERY tall and yet narrow ( 8 feet wide each side) space can pose a design challenge.

This is the Fall decor that I put together for the sanctuary. I felt that the typical harvest/pumpkin theme has been so over done and decided that a more modern approach would look great.



I pulled in the gold, copper and bronze tones of the season using striking vases, gold fabric and two abstract pieces of art that I painted using the metal colours.



This is a picture of last years Christmas decor that I did, using the theme colours of purple, silver and white.

This year we are going back to a traditional look using red, gold and green, but with a modern approach. Stay tuned for the final reveal next week!

Happy decorating friends!


Red Velvet Cupcakes ~ The Prequel

This weekend I have a really large wedding cake order for Red Velvet cake. Actually it’s cupcakes and a cake for the couple to cut.

Having only done Red Velvet Cake a number of times I wanted to do a trial run of my recipe and ensure that it was wedding worthy!

Well what better occasion than to bake up a couple dozen for some friends and surprise them with some custom decorated cupcakes. Brad’s birthday is only next week, so he didn’t see it coming! His adorable little boy also has a birthday next week, so it’s a double whammy of birthdays in their house coming up.

He’s big into music, and his son is not far behind hence the music themed cupcakes.

Let me tell you those 2 dozen cupcakes were gone before you knew it and the “taste test” was a hit!

Now the guitars have to move over and make way for the elegant toppers for the wedding cupcakes….

Stay tuned for the wedding cake edition of Red Velvet yumminess at the end of the week!

Stay warm friends!