Picture Perfect – Canon Camera Cake

This last week I had the pleasure to create a Canon Camera Cake. The birthday girl is working towards making her passion for photography into a successful professional photography career!

Well I was worried that I had bitten of more than I could chew (pardon the pun:) ) but took the challenge head on! The birthday girl’s favourite flavour right now is Red Velvet with a custard filling, so the base cake was red velvet and I sculptured the camera out of a french vanilla sponge.

The camera sculpting got off to a fabulous start! I was even thinking – wow this is going great. The shape was looking good, the fondant went on well….and then on to doing the details.

And then I noticed the gooping…..that wouldn’t stop!!

Insert Confessions of a cake baker: It’s not always as easy as it looks!

I had thought that I could use the custard as a crumb coat under the fondant = WRONG!  It was having a melt down – of epic proportions. At about hour 4 of creating the camera I reached the critical point of saying I gotta start over. So much for it going so well in the beginning!



So round two start bright and early the next morning and having pretty much done the whole cake the day before at least I knew how to tackle it the second time around. Only lets stick with the tried and true buttercream crumb coat under the fondant! But my motto of “if it’s not perfect it won’t do” kept spurring me on.

I had asked the birthday girl “casually” about her camera over the weekend and got the scoop on her camera model.

It was super handy that I have a Canon Rebel as well to act as the real life model, I was able to make it exactly to scale.

It came together so well in the end and I was quite pleased with the result.

According to her mom she didn’t even realize it was her cake when she walked in – she thought it was her friends camera sitting on the table!

Happy Birthday LK!! God Bless you this coming year!



Electric Guitar Cake

This past weekend was packed full of fantastic Easter celebrations! Good Friday service and then an epic Grand Service at the Orpheum Theatre with over 2700 people in attendance – WOW!

Sunday lunch was hosted by wonderful friends who we have known since the day we got here, and with my aunt, uncle and cousins in attendance it really was more like a family gathering.

The day before was my youngest cousins 25th birthday. I really think my cousin is amazing.

I have watched him build his band, Giraffe Aftermath, from the ground up over the past 6 years. I little bit reggae, a little bit hip-hop it’s a unique sound that surprisingly even this mainstream girl enjoys. Every time I speak to him I hear they are playing bigger and better venues and I always think back to one of their first gigs at the Legion on Commercial Dr: My uncle was their roadie running around setting up mics, I was trying to sell CD’s for them. Fast forward a few years and they are well on their way with their last gig a week ago at the Backstage lounge on Granville Island. Regardless of whether they make it BIG some day, I admire their tenacity to stick with it through the growing pains of a young band and following their passion.

So to celebrate Steven I made him a cake, and what would be better than an electric guitar cake in red, gold and green?!

Yummy chocolate cake with a delicious chocolate buttercream.

Being the oldest of this generation, I was the first to have the 1/4 century joke said to me. By my younger brother. “Wow, you’re a 1/4 century – you’re half way to fifty now!” Umm…thanks….well that wasn’t so smart on his part now was it? Guess what turned up on his 25th birthday cake a few years later?? So in keeping with tradition we welcomed Steve to the 1/4 century club.


He loved the cake, but hated the attention.

Weird for a guy that gets up on stage and sings for a living! 








Then we made him cut the cake.







So it turns out he hasn’t a clue how to cut a cake and hacked crazy shaped pieces for everyone.

But it was delicious so that’s all that matters. And we had a great time.

After eating turkey dinner and stuffing our faces with cake it was all we could do to lounge out for the rest of the evening!

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend!










Bold and Bright for a Big Birthday

A few weeks ago I ran into a past student of mine and while catching up she asked for some info on One More Slice Cake Designs. A couple days later she was emailing me looking for a crazy 50th birthday cake for her mom, Karen.

She wanted neon orange, accented with purple. “As bright as you can get it” is what she said to me! Also, her mom LOVES polka dots and stripes. So I grabbed a few inspirational pictures and sent them over. Now this colour combo just so happens to be one of the hottest colour combo’s in the wedding world right now so there were some really great ideas out there like these:

Well, she came back to me and said her mom likes things wild and crazy, so don’t worry about have things so uniform and even. She gave me creative freedom and I went to town decorating.

This is what we came up with!

Isn’t it just so fun? I love the combo of Polka dots and stripes!

It was a french vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream icing. I coloured the butter cream orange for the bottom tier and purple for the top tier for an added surprise when they cut the cake!

I hope you had a fabulous day Karen, here’s to another 50!

A heads up for next week: I have a huge Christmas project to share with you next week! Stay tuned!


Red Velvet Cupcakes ~ The Prequel

This weekend I have a really large wedding cake order for Red Velvet cake. Actually it’s cupcakes and a cake for the couple to cut.

Having only done Red Velvet Cake a number of times I wanted to do a trial run of my recipe and ensure that it was wedding worthy!

Well what better occasion than to bake up a couple dozen for some friends and surprise them with some custom decorated cupcakes. Brad’s birthday is only next week, so he didn’t see it coming! His adorable little boy also has a birthday next week, so it’s a double whammy of birthdays in their house coming up.

He’s big into music, and his son is not far behind hence the music themed cupcakes.

Let me tell you those 2 dozen cupcakes were gone before you knew it and the “taste test” was a hit!

Now the guitars have to move over and make way for the elegant toppers for the wedding cupcakes….

Stay tuned for the wedding cake edition of Red Velvet yumminess at the end of the week!

Stay warm friends!


Lego Cake ~ A 5 yr old Birthday Cake!

This past weekend I had the privilege of making a Lego cake for a very special 5 year old, Charlie!

I always relish the idea of making kids cakes as I absolutely LOVE seeing their faces when they see their cake for the first time! What a great fun family, I loved spending the afternoon watching them love on their little big man!

Here’s a close up of the men hard at work on the fondant! (Yes I realize they are not real Lego men, but it’s all we had on hand!)Of course we needed some cupcakes to top it all off!

The cake table was quite popular!

Again, Happy Birthday Charlie!

If you would like to order a custom cake creation, please visit the cake page here: One More Slice Cake Designs



Pretty Blue Boxes ~ Tiffany Gift Box Cake

What girl doesn’t go weak at the knees when she opens a gift bag to reveal a lovely gift box with satin ribbon bows and swags of tissue paper? All the better when said box is a signature robins egg blue!

Ahh..the coveted Tiffany blue box. With all her mystery she holds treasures that will forever be held dear.

The best part is no matter what age, the mere sight of a Tiffany Box can command these                                                                  emotions in all of us.

Selecting a gift at Tiffany’s comes with alot of thought and care, making sure it’s just the right piece for your loved one. Similarly this cake had to be just right. A very special lady, Gramma Sharon is much loved by all! Her family wanted her 70th birthday to be memorable and celebrate in style.

I had so much fun with this cake! From getting the colour just right, to creating a string of elegant pearls cascading out of the box it all came together to tell the exciting story of opening a coveted blue box!

The best part was Gramma Sharon got to open a real Tiffany box on her special day surrounded by her adoring family! No doubt she had that stirring of excitement as she undid the bow to reveal the treasure that lay within!