Painted Glass Jars ~ Simple Eco-Decorating

A few rainy days ago I headed over to my friend Andrea’s house armed with a box of acrylic paints, my blue recycling box overflowing with empty glass jars and my creative juices going full tilt!

A craft would have to be on the agenda to keep us busy as her wonderful ENERGETIC boys were going to need some entertaining on this day only ducks would enjoy.

I love to create crafts with recycled materials and had been collecting glass jars for a couple weeks to make these wonderful painted glass jars.

You can make them in whatever colour you choose and they look simply delightful grouped together on a window sill, mantel or in any other corner that needs brightening. I chose (along with my helpers who have strong opinions!) to do three pastel colours, and with each jar I varied the intensity of the shade.

Well they were beside themselves with excitement and quite honestly I couldn’t get the paints out fast enough as far as they were concerned.

“Somewhat” Controlled Chaos is what I would describe ensued….the two year year old getting a hold of the paint bottles unscrewing the lids and holding them upside down, while the four year old is trying to gather ALL the glass jars in his arms at once!! Ay Ay AY! Needless to say my vision of sipping tea while doing crafts with them was not what actually transpired, but boy did we have fun!

I mildy regained order and got somewhat of a system down with my enthusiastic bunch and I’m quite pleased to share with you our finished painted glass jars. The boys were pleased as punch with what they had created and we managed to escape without any major paint explosions!

Here are my tips for painting your own Painted Glass Jars:

  • Clean all jars thoroughly and remove labels, allow to air dry
  • Select your acrylic paint colours. Regular arts and crafts acrylic paint is perfect.
  • In a yoghurt container (or any other plastic cup you use for painting) mix your paint with a splash of water. You want the paint to be thinned out a bit so that it will easily coat the inside of the jars, but not so thin that it won’t stick to the glass.
  • Pour into your cleaned jars, and tightly screw the matching lid back on the jar.
  • Gently tip the jar on it’s side coating the entire inside surface with the paint mixture.
  • Leave the jars turned upside down on their lids for about an hour, then go back and take the lids off and turn them right side up so that they can continue drying.
  • They will probably need a couple days to dry completely, depending on how much paint you used.
  • Depending on the size of the jar you will use different amounts of paint, and therefore you will need to adjust the amount of water used to get the paint thinned out.
  • It’s really not difficult to get the right consistency, you basically just want to make sure it’s thin enough to swirl around inside the jar.

This is a great DIY craft idea for younger kids as they don’t actually have to get directly involved with the paint if you don’t want them to, and they really love seeing the clear jars turn to the brightly decorated colours before their eyes.

Happy painting!