Picture Perfect – Canon Camera Cake

This last week I had the pleasure to create a Canon Camera Cake. The birthday girl is working towards making her passion for photography into a successful professional photography career!

Well I was worried that I had bitten of more than I could chew (pardon the pun:) ) but took the challenge head on! The birthday girl’s favourite flavour right now is Red Velvet with a custard filling, so the base cake was red velvet and I sculptured the camera out of a french vanilla sponge.

The camera sculpting got off to a fabulous start! I was even thinking – wow this is going great. The shape was looking good, the fondant went on well….and then on to doing the details.

And then I noticed the gooping…..that wouldn’t stop!!

Insert Confessions of a cake baker: It’s not always as easy as it looks!

I had thought that I could use the custard as a crumb coat under the fondant = WRONG!  It was having a melt down – of epic proportions. At about hour 4 of creating the camera I reached the critical point of saying I gotta start over. So much for it going so well in the beginning!



So round two start bright and early the next morning and having pretty much done the whole cake the day before at least I knew how to tackle it the second time around. Only lets stick with the tried and true buttercream crumb coat under the fondant! But my motto of “if it’s not perfect it won’t do” kept spurring me on.

I had asked the birthday girl “casually” about her camera over the weekend and got the scoop on her camera model.

It was super handy that I have a Canon Rebel as well to act as the real life model, I was able to make it exactly to scale.

It came together so well in the end and I was quite pleased with the result.

According to her mom she didn’t even realize it was her cake when she walked in – she thought it was her friends camera sitting on the table!

Happy Birthday LK!! God Bless you this coming year!